Travis Benzing

Travis started his detailing career at 15 years old working for a BMW dealership. Shortly after starting Steamboat Detailing, Inc., in 2002 Travis wanted to take his skills to the highest level so he attended Attention to Details, the premier detail training program in the US.

In 2005 Travis was trained and certified to install Clearbra paint protection film. He was selected to join the elite Air Force One Detailing Team in 2007.

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Thomas O’Tolle

Thomas detailed cars at a Lexus dealership before moving to Steamboat Springs in 2014.  Thomas started working at Steamboat Detailing in 2014, he has a great passion for cars and is very dedicated to every detail he does.  With an exceptional eye for detail and a desire to make every car look its best you can rest assured your vehicle could not be in more capable hands.

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