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from harmful external factors and give it a long-lasting, candy-gloss shine with ceramic coating services by experts.

Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating is backed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.

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You just drove your new vehicle off the showroom and love the way it looks.  Do you want to keep it looking its best and protect your investment?
Then contact Northwest Colorado’s ceramic coating specialist today to get a free estimate on protecting your new vehicle with a ceramic coating that comes backed by up to a 7 year warranty.

5 Benefits of Ceramic Paint Coatings For Vehicles

1.  Far superior paint protection for your car than wax
2.  Last longer and easier to maintain than a waxed car
3.  Stops UV fading
4.  A cost effective solution – less expensive in long run than waxing every 3 months 
5.  Bonus – It looks Amazing!


In a side-by-side comparison with competitors providing ceramic coating services, the Owner’s Pride Warranty illustrates the superior performance and protection of our products. Our warranty is fully registered with the FTC, and that’s why we are the choice of thousands of detailers nationwide.

  • Owner's Pride
  • Competitor 1
  • Competitor 2
  • Competitor 2
Exterior Warranty Includes: Owner's PrideCompetitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 2
Exterior Warranty Includes:
Warranty Coverage
Warranty Coverage
Warranty Coverage
Warranty Coverage
CarFax Registered
UV Damage
Weather Erosion
Acid Rain
Industrial Fallout
Bird Droppings
Tree Sap
De-icing Agents
Rim Corrosion
Headlight Fading
Fuel Spills
Ocean Spray
Hard Water
Rail Dust
Brake Dust

Your car is one of your assets. For that reason, it’s just right to give it the best care it deserves. One way to preserve its appeal and protect it from harsh conditions is to opt for ceramic paint coating — both for your car’s exterior and interior. This automotive coating provides many benefits that meet your standards and needs for your car.

Ceramic paint coating offers the ultimate protection for your vehicle’s paint and trims by binding to the paint’s clearcoat, creating an extremely durable and protective layer and separating your vehicle’s paint from damaging environmental elements. This added layer is much harder than paint’s existing clearcoat and can outlast any traditional wax or sealer.

At Steamboat Detailing, we provide ceramic paint coatings for different vehicle types. We have highly-skilled ceramic paint coating specialists to help you achieve the protection and look you want for your car. As a trusted provider of services in paint coating in Steamboat Springs since 2002, expect that we value your car as much as you do. We provide top-notch services and appropriate care for your car.

Discover How Ceramic Coating Can Protect Your Car

Regardless of whether this is the first time you’ve heard of paint coating made from ceramic or not, here’s a rundown of how it can benefit your car.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic paint coatings are one of the best and latest ways to protect the exterior and interior of vehicles. Unlike polymer sealants, waxes, polishers, and other paint protection, ceramic coatings can withstand extreme heat, protecting vehicles daily. The most noticeable difference is the ease of cleaning your vehicle once it has been coated. Ceramic coatings create a durable, hydrophobic layer that repels corrosive materials and water. Either they become effortless to get rid of, or they slide off. Ceramic paint coatings are suitable for painted surfaces, metal, plastic, and glass.

We offer a good, better, and best ceramic coating package to fit the needs of every client.

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

As mentioned, paint coating made from ceramic offers a broad array of benefits, such as the following:

1. It provides an extra layer of protection.

One of the best things about ceramic paint coating is that it adds an extra layer of protection for cars’ job paint. It protects car surfaces from external damaging factors present in different conditions.

For instance, it shields cars from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause paint to get discolored or fade over time. It also protects cars from acid rain that can cause damage to the exterior surfaces and components.

Paint coating made from ceramic can repel water and liquid chemicals that cause corrosion. Its durability also protects car surfaces from stones, gravel, tree branches, ice, and other sharp objects that can cause scratches.

2. It preserves the look of your car.

A ceramic coating offers an unrivaled gloss that is sure to make your car attractive and appealing all the time. It’s an additional clearcoat that complements paint jobs, providing a candy-like gloss that glistens when exposed to light.

With its properties, ceramic paint coating makes cars look like they’re brand-new and freshly manufactured, even when they’ve been in use for years already. You can preserve both the look and value of your car when you opt for ceramic coating.

3. It repels dirt, mud, and dust.

If you frequently traverse unpaved roads, ceramic coating can benefit you significantly. It doesn’t allow dirt, mud, dust, or other contaminants to accumulate, leaving your car protected and shiny.

4. It eliminates the need for waxes and polishers.

Many car owners say that ceramic coating takes too long when applied. The truth is that you can save more time when you opt for it. A ceramic coating eliminates the need for daily polishing and washing.

It stays glossy and requires only minimal ceramic coating detailing from time to time. Additionally, the ceramic coating also doesn’t require frequent cleaning. Once every two weeks is enough to maintain it.

5. It makes your car easier to clean.

With ceramic paint coating, dust, dirt, water, and debris easily roll off as soon as they get in contact with car surfaces, making cleaning an easier chore to do as it requires less effort and time.

6. It saves you money in the long run.

Ceramic paint coating might seem like an additional expense, but it saves you money in the long run. Unlike uncoated surfaces, it doesn’t need frequent detailing. It only calls for minimal ceramic coating detailing from time to time.

It can last for up to seven years. Try to sum up the amount required to buy waxes and polishers within this timeframe. You’ll see that you can save money when you look at the bigger picture.

You also won’t need paint repairs or other exterior services with protective properties. It also lessens the need for car washes, so it’s a good investment that can benefit your savings over time.

7. It retains your car's resale value.

Another benefit you can get from a ceramic coating is that you can preserve the resale value of your car. It protects both the exterior and interior components, so you also won’t have any difficulty looking for a new buyer in the future.

Why Hire Ceramic Coating Specialists

Many guides and tutorials about ceramic coating detailing and installation are available on the internet. However, you need to know that doing the said processes requires skills and expertise. It’s always best to trust experts, especially when it comes to one of your significant assets, which is your car.

Here are some reasons for hiring ceramic coating specialists:

Highly Satisfactory Results

Ceramic coating services provided by experts are guaranteed to get every step of the installation done right. Coating specialists have the required knowledge and experience to perform services with expertise and quality that offer top-notch results.

Long-lasting Solutions

Experts know the best products and techniques to use for ceramic coating installation. With the utilization of such things, your car will receive long-lasting, durable protection.

Convenience and Efficiency

With many steps involved in ceramic coating installation, it’s best to entrust it to experts. Their knowledge of the latest techniques and newest technologies can help them finish the job faster than expected.

Why Choose Steamboat Detailing

Having been providing ceramic paint coating Steamboat Springs, CO, since 2002, Steamboat Detailing has the required expertise. We have developed our ceramic installation techniques and gained new ones over the years. We have been here long enough to know the best products and equipment to use for ceramic coating installation. Additionally, our specialists undergo constant training to ensure the quality of our ceramic coating services.

With training and certification from Attention to Details, one of the premier detail training programs in the United States, we guarantee that your car will receive the best care it deserves. As a member of The Detailers Network, also known as The Detail Mafia, we have access to weekly webinars and yearly training, ensuring that we stay up to date with the latest technologies regarding ceramic coating.

Our Paint Coating Services Steamboat Springs

We at Steamboat Detailing utilize Owner’s Pride ceramic. This product covers dirt, stains, sun fading, rips, tears, and burns.

How We Can Protect Your Exterior

Owner’s Pride ceramic coating comes with new silica technology. This innovation enhances the gloss and shine of car paint, increases its hardness, and complements its color. Once OP ceramic has been applied to your car surfaces, you’ll notice that they will become a lot easier to keep clean.

Our ceramic coating also protects the car paint from contamination caused by different environmental factors and corrosion due to exposure to particular substances. It can be applied to your paint, rims, plastic molding, and headlights for maximum protection. Additionally, it comes with a seven-year nationwide warranty.

How We Can Guard Your Interior

Owner Pride’s interior ceramic provides an extra layer of protection to all fabric, leather, plastic, carpet, and vinyl on the inside of your vehicle. This layer provides soft surfaces with more water tension, making them easier to clean and providing them with long-lasting protection from stubborn stains.

Discover How Owner’s Pride Ceramic Can Protect Your Car

What is a Ceramic Coating?

How We Can Protect Your Exterior

OP ceramic utilizes new silica technology to create a ceramic coating that not only increases hardness of your paint, but adds depth to color and enhances gloss and shine. Once OP Ceramic has been applied to your paint you’ll notice its a lot easier to keep clean. Our ceramic also protects your paint from environmental contamination and other corrosive materials. Our OP Ceramic is backed by a 7-year nation wide warranty. Our ceramic is applied to your paint, rims, plastic molding, and headlights for maximum protection.

How We Can Guard Your Interior

We Spend a lot of time in our cars. We know that accidents happen. Because of that, Our OP Interior Coating is backed by a 7-Year Warranty that covers everything from food and stains and sun fading to rips, tears and burns. Our interior ceramic provides an extra layer of protection to all fabric, leather, plastic, carpet, and vinyl on the inside of your vehicle. This protection creates more water tension on all soft surfaces providing an easier cleaning and protection from stains setting in.

OP Coverage Terms

Once Your Interior, Exterior, or Both are Coated Your Warranty is Activated and Will Soon Appear on Your Carfax


The first thing to know is that the two products are not comparable and thus, not a true comparison to one another. Clear bra provides a urethane layer of protection against rock chips and scratches. Ceramic coatings, even when cured, are microns thick and not engineered to stop rock chips. That said, it is an excellent product for protection against environmental contaminants such as bird droppings, bug guts, road deicers and more. Not to mention that it makes cleaning the vehicle much easier.

To further answer the question, many of the vehicles we work on receive both ceramic coating for protection along with increased shine, gloss, depth of color, and great hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties and clear bra to protect against rock chips on the front of the vehicle.

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