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We Appreciate Our Clients

"If you can't trust the guys who detail Air Force One...Then who can you trust? These guys turned a buffer wheel destroyed truck into a truck that looks like it was off the showroom floor! Travis and Rich are masters of their craft. If you love your vehicle, take it in so they can show it some love!"

"My rally service rig and trailer rarely get a break during the rally season. Over time the white sides, aluminum wheels and trim started to look pretty dingy and I needed to do something about it. Travis had the experience and the right equipment to bring it back to life and looking new again. He did a polish and wax procedure that makes washing my truck much easier and it turns out looking great! Thanks Steamboat Detailing!"

"I have a hatch WRX and had some very prominent and deep scratches along the entire driver side. I already took the car somewhere else a year and half ago and they "buffed" the scratches (or so they said). Spoke with Travis and he said he didn't want to get my hopes up but he could remove about 80% of the scratches. I went and picked the car up and I think he removed 90-95% of the scratches along with detailing the entire outside of the car. He and his employees did a fantastic job! I couldn't be happier with my car.”

“Travis et al are great. Their thorough job with reasonable prices just can't be surpassed. Travis possesses a reasonable approach and is not a hard sell owner/craftsman. We had four full price buyers on our Sportsmobile conversion 4X4 two hours after placing our unit in the Wells Fargo lot on a saturday,following a white glove detail by Travis (almost made us not sell occurred two years ago when we decided not to sell it). He later detailed our Towny, an '06 Ford Escape Hybrid, and it appeared nearly new again until taking our puppy for a swim up at Dumont Lake.”

"Great local detailing shop. You can tell when you walk into this shop that they care and I was very impressed when I picked up my truck. These guys know their stuff and do an amazing job, thanks!"

"I have owned all kinds of vehicles, including a business fleet of over 40 vehicles, plus some very high performance automobiles including BMW's and Porsche's (I even take my Duramax Truck into Travis for work). Travis and his crew at Steamboat Detailing are the most conscientious and meticulous about cleaning and preserving my vehicles compared to anyone I have ever worked with in the past. You cannot go wrong with taking your car into their shop for the best care."

"After Steamboat Detailing Inc. detailed my truck it looked better than when I bought it brand new!"

“I brought my filthy 4x4 van to Steamboat detailing and could not be happier! My 2005 van looks like it is brand new. I brought my vehicle to them because I wanted to sell it, after I got the van back and it looked brand new, I could not decide whether I wanted to sell it or keep it (still deciding)! These guys seem to be the best in Steamboat. I checked a couple other places and none were as nice, professional, and detail oriented as Steamboat Detailing. I mean...they detailed Air Force One.......need I say more??? Thank you Steamboat Detailing, could not have been a better experience."

“Travis and the crew at Steamboat Detailing did such a great job on my Subaru it was like getting a new car!”