Detailing Services


Detailing Services

Maintain your car with auto detailing services provided by Steamboat Detailing.

People can tell a few things about you just by looking at your car. It’s true what they say — you are what you drive. The way you take care of it says a lot about your personality.

If you want your car to look attractive and brand-new all the time, why not bring it in for routine auto detailing services by experts? You can get many great benefits from detailing services, both for your car’s exterior and interior.

Pick Your Vehicle Size

Small - Cars - Wagons - 2 Row SUVs & Small Trucks - Tacoma

Medium SUVs - 3 Row SUVs - Kia Telluride

Large SUVs - Suburban - Minivan - Sequoia - Grand Wagoneer

1/2 Ton Truck / F150

HD Trucks 3/4 Ton & 1 Ton

ADDITIONAL COSTS INCLUDE: Pet Hair, Seat or Carpet Stains, Excess Grime, Mud or Dirt on Interior or Exterior, Tree Saps, and Scratches.

Please remove all personal items from your vehicle before dropping off

We also detail boats, RV’s and campers.

Contact us for an estimate.
**Fleet Packages are available.

We also detail boats, RV’s and campers.

Contact us for an estimate.
**Fleet Packages are available.

Other Detailing

Add Ons

More Packages

For Auto Care

Hand Wash and Spray Wax $75-$95

Recommended Monthly
Great package to maintain your vehicle in between detailing

New Car Care Protection Package

Why Choose Steamboat Detailing

Our years of industry experience that began in 2002 have led us to become one of the most trusted providers of detailing services in Steamboat Springs, CO. As a detailing services trailblazer, we keep different vehicle types in their best possible condition. We were trained by Attention to Details, one of the premier detail training programs in the United States. As a member of The Detailers Network, we also receive continuous, relevant training to ensure we’re up to date with the latest technologies.

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Maintain the overall exterior appeal of your car with detailing services in Steamboat Springs. For inquiries about our detailing services, feel free to contact Steamboat Detailing. Our expert car detailers will gladly answer all your questions. Call us today!